Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sissy Priscilia fact

Coming Wedding Day, Sissy Priscilia fact abandoned Prospective Husband

Sissy Priscilia will soon release the bachelor with his lover, Rifat Sungkar. But toward the preparation of their wedding day, Rifat FTV stars instead leave it.

Rifat Sungkar will lead the Asia Pacific Rally Championship in 2010 in seven countries. Indonesia's leading drivers will undergo the first round of the event in Malaysia this weekend.

"Emang've always left to live, I also already know will be events like this, really supports physically and spiritually, he emang pereli emang from the beginning of my support," while accompanying her husband tuturSissy press conference at the Cafe Sing, FX Plaza, Sudirman, Central Jakarta.

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Stars 'Romeo & Juliet' was spoken for Rifat on Monday (5/4/2010) ago. Since the initial contact with Rifat, Sissy was already considering the risk if knit in love with a driver. He has never demanded all sorts.

"I never demanded to see how many days a week, I follow her schedule and she was also like that. I do not feel come second, "ujarSissy.
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If there are no obstacles, Rifat and Sissy will be married in mid-July.

Tania Gunadi Artis Hollywood births Indonesia

Tania Gunadi: Hollywood star births Indonesia

One more achievement of the Indonesian nation in the World Entertaint event. Not only famous people bleed Indonesia, but there juag kelahirang Indonesian people who became a Hollywood star.

Tania Gunadi is an actress who exist in the American film industry was born in the town of Flower, Bandung, Indonesia. Tania Gunadi bemain ever in Star Trek.

Tania Gunadi who was born in Bandung, also attended in LA.

Tania Gunadi who was born in Bandung, Indonesia was a co-star in the Disney Channel Original Movie Pixel Perfect and Go Figure.

Tania Gunadi also had guest appearances on TV shows including It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Boston Public, and Even Stevens.

Currently, he used the Disney TV series Aaron Stone as Emma's. In 2009, he played a small role as Starfleet cadet in the Star Trek alien directed by JJ.

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